There are 5 days left till “センター” entrance exam!

We are ライズONE,Oita,Japan. 塾、ライズ

We’re the strongest in letting the students get high scores


get them in the 10% in the test. My nickname is ER.

There are five days left till センター試験.

Are you studying seriously?

「無料イラスト 著作権フリー 受験生」の画像検索結果

Are you nervous?

「無料イラスト 著作権フリー 緊張」の画像検索結果

Entrance exam always makes you feel upset.

It’s natural for you to be so. It can’t be helped.

All you have to do is to solve the problem you need.

It’s final holiday today before the exam. Use your time efficiently

Hang in there, prospective students!!